Born 1948
Art and film studies

Working for:

Swedish Television and with various film companys.
with set design and props.

Started DONNAFILM 1984,
Mainly deals with documentary film
and photo on artisanal crafts and design.

Currently working with exhibitions and filmprojects.

Designing carpets and kilims.


Selected projects:

WASHI, studies and documentation the art of making hand made paper, Ibaraki Prefecture Japan.


1993 and -97

SHIFU studies and documentation the way to transform washi into cloth Japan.


1993 and -97

"Japan through my eyes"


Martingården, Överkalix

"PORTRAITS" five Japanese glassartists photo exhibition.


Swedish Museum of Glass, Växjö

"ICHI GO - ICHI E One Meeting - One Chance" photo exhibition.


Swedish Museum of Glass, Växjö

"The art of buying a camel" - a photo exhibition.


Galleriet Växjö

"Beijing my childhood quaters" film for Ronja Yu.


Swedish Television

"OFF the LOOM" film about the making of carpets on the Anatolian Plateau for an exhibition.


The Museum of Cultural History
Kalmar Art Museum
The Museum of Textilie History Borås
The Mediterranean Museum of Antiquities Stockholm
Leksand House of Culture
Asad London

"Zoom into Glass" Göran Wärff with master craftsmen.


Kosta Glassworks

The exhibition 2007 "BLOM-ANDE" to memorize the tricentury of the Swedish botanist Carl von Linné.
Designed four kilims inspired by a visit at Linné's Hammarby outside Uppsala.


Hau, Gotland